Writing without a deadline

[This entry was actually written late last night, which explains my drinking and the gradual descent into irrelevancy. My Internet connection went down and I wasn’t able to post this until now.]

One of the downsides to my experience with student media in college is that it hard for me to write without a pressing deadline. I’ve always been a procrastinator, but as I faced deadline after deadline and always managed to produce something publishable I grew more and more confident in my ability to eke something out in the (tada!) nick of time. I went from starting papers a day or two in advance freshman year, to perhaps the evening before as a sophomore, to around midnight as a junior, and finally often to the morning of the due date by second semester senior year. I might have stopped had I been slapped down once or twice, but my grades were never affected by my bad habits (and it’s not because they were low to begin with!).

I thought I’d picked up the ability to write in a more timely fashion by doing something as up to date and enjoyable as blogging. Alas, the new habits haven’t carried over into my other writing — I just finished a review of a book I started reading back in December. Not having a firm deadline and being preoccupied with other things, I let it simmer instead of hammering it out. Last night I realized that I’d fallen right back into my college writing habits. With a deadline finally facing me, I therefore did my best to recreate my caffeine and sugar-fueled college writing experience: a late night trip to CVS for a 20 oz. Coke, a Butterfinger bar, and two Cadbury Eggs and I was on my way. A couple hours before dawn I’d essentially completed my review. It’s not the healthiest way to write, but it got the job done. If the submission process goes well it will be published on Thursday; I’ll be sure to post the link.

Beverage side note #1: Speaking of 20 oz. Cokes, I was happy to learn last night that they’re now available in lime flavor. I’ve long been a fan of lime in Coke and envied the Diet Coke drinkers for their expanded range of options (but not for the fact that they’re drinking diet). I bought a bottle and it was even better than I thought it would be; they really did a good job getting the lime flavor down. I’ll be getting more of these.

Beverage side note #2: Speaking of Cadbury Eggs, last week I experimented with a crazy idea for a drink I came up with: cutting the top off of an egg and pulling a fresh shot of espresso straight into it. The plan in my head was that if I refrigerated it first it would be a simple matter to cut off the top and pour the shot. Unfortunately, my mental image of Cadbury Eggs was a little off. Perhaps because they’re an eagerly anticipated annual treat, I remembered them being bigger than they actually are. In reality, they’re too small to even stand up in a demitasse cup! I also thought they had more space inside than they do; they’re actually almost completely filled with creme. Even removing some of it, I could only pour in about a 1/3 of a shot. Nonetheless, the taste is an all out assault on the mouth, but in a good kind of way, as the espresso adds an initial burst of coffee flavor to the egg while melting into the chocolate and creme. All things considered, though, it’s just not worth the effort, mess, and all around poor aesthetics.

Beverage side note #3: I had lunch at a place in D.C. today that served Faygo bottled sodas in place of Coke or Pepsi. How great is that?

Beverage side note #4: I think I’m going to have a glass of wine.

Beverage side note #5: If my Cadbury Egg espresso drink seems a bit excessive, consider the guy who orders a venti Chantico at a Chicago Starbucks location. That’s 1300 calories in twenty ounces of drinking chocolate! [Hat tip: Starbucks gossip.]

Beverage side note #6: Speaking of Starbucks, the massive chain is rolling out Turkish coffee as a new menu item. This strikes me as a risky move, as it will be hard to do well and it adds one more thing for baristas to learn in a company that’s already expanding at a tremendous rate. [Hat tip: Fortune Elkins.]

Beverage side note #7: The wine is quite enjoyable, thanks for asking. It’s a Scheurebe, a derivative of Riesling grapes that I’ve never tried before tonight. Very crisp and fruity.

Beverage side note #8: The cork, on the other hand, was ridiculously hard to remove. I must remember not to take this particular wine along on a date, for this bastard cork had me struggling like I’d never attempted such a thing a before. Or like I’m as weak as a schoolgirl. (Neither of which is true.)

Beverage side note #9: Blenheim Hot Ginger Ale. Fa-zow!

Beverage side note #10: I think the wine started to take effect with that last comment.

Beverage side note #11: These beverage side notes aren’t really “side notes” so much as they’ve become the unanticipated substance of this entry.

Beverage side note #12: I poured my best latte art ever this weekend! Fa-zow!

Anyway, what I was trying to say before this entry got out of hand is that I’ve been busy but won’t be so busy anymore after tomorrow, so I should be back to semi-substantive blogging soon. In the mean time, Ceaf Lewis has created a webpage that will blow your freaking mind.



2 thoughts on “Writing without a deadline”

  1. I hear you on the deadline thing. Arg.

    Also, i think I might try the Cadbury egg thing. I love espresso, I love Cadbury eggs. This might be the thing missing from my life.

    Also, have you tried ginger beer? Muy…good!

  2. Hey, I know you wrote this forever ago, but any idea what the name of that restaurant was that served the Faygo?


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