So goes Bulgaria, so goes the world?

Though bans just get worse here in the US and UK, they’re still meeting resistance elsewhere. Bulgaria is having second thoughts:

Bulgaria’s ruling party has proposed watering down a new smoking ban in the country with the second highest percentage of smokers in the European Union.

The centre-right GERB party, which won general elections last July, said its proposed relaxation of a ban on smoking in all public places would avoid hurting the tourist industry during tough economic times. […]

According to a draft submitted to parliament, restaurants and cafes smaller than 100 square metres (1,000 sq ft) in size will decide whether to allow smoking while larger establishments would be required to designate separate non-smoking halls.


2 thoughts on “So goes Bulgaria, so goes the world?”

  1. Hawaii and Las Vegas are losing tourist revenue, maybe they too need to rethink the blanket smoking bans. They do harm business in spite of what the proponents of bans claim. We have only to look at the decline in lottery revenue in Oregon. Economy or smoking ban, only one way to answer that question and that would be to suspend the smoking ban for a few years, maybe equal to the new lottery contracts the retailers just signed.

  2. This is Bulgaria, not England or Sweden. A majority of people still smoke and this ban would kill business. Fortunately, being Bulgaria, it will probably not be enforced, like so many other so-called laws here.

    The truth is that smoking bans are destructive, not just to business but to society in general. It brings bigots out of the sewers. Smokers will stay at home just like they have in the UK and every other place where rigid smoking bans have been put in place. Not only that, but their non-smoking friends will fade away too, as pub atmosphere is lost. Smokers WILL react to discrimination by boycotting hospitality venues – but don’t blame them. What else can they do other than to say “yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir, you can treat me like a leper sir”?

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