First Slant of the year

The first issue of The Slant under new EiC Meredith Gray is online and in print. My contribution is Dining Director Frank Gladu’s welcome letter to incoming freshmen. I have to admit I hate picking on the guy so much (this is my third piece that satirizes him and Vandy Dining). He seems like a really nice guy. But, as the visible head of the dining monopoly that inflicts itself on all freshmen, all Pub-goers, and anyone on campus who just wants a fresh slice of pizza, he’s the guy to be targeted.


2 thoughts on “First Slant of the year”

  1. The Vanderbilt Dining monopoly? Jacob, we’ve been over this — you chose your college! Plus there’s this little thing called paper money, which you and I are both relearning to use during our hiati (plural of hiatus?). Nigel would side with me on this one man 🙂 But since I’m all talk and no action, enjoy the monopoly you currently have on bashing the poor harmless generalissimo.

    Hope you’re having fun at Cato. I miss queso.


  2. A disturbing trend: lately my Torch columns are eliciting laughs while my Slant columns are eliciting argument.

    I think we can both agree Dining has a monopoly on the freshmen at least, who are forced to pay into the meal plan. The Card money is not easily transferable, which may not make a monopoly but does provide a lot of insulation from competition.

    Make the Card tender off campus or start competitively outsourcing our dining services and I’ll stop picking on the generalissimo. Heck, I’ll write an ode to him and see if Review will publish it.

    I’m with you though — their late night queso’s hard to beat.

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