Last call at Carlyle


Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of being on the opening crew of several coffee shops and restaurants. Now it’s my turn to be on the closing crew. From Carlyle owner Bruce Goldberg:

Next month is Carlyle’s seventh anniversary. February also marks the end of our current lease. Both milestones are significant in that they factor into my decision to announce that Carlyle will serve it’s last meal on Sunday, February 14th.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the many loyal customers, employees, and friends who have made Carlyle special. Though saddened by the closing, I ’m comforted by wonderful memories, ,and the opportunity to have worked with some very talented people.

I hope that over the next two weeks you’ll make a point of joining us for dinner or a drink. In addition to some recent menu changes, Chef Martin will be presenting a special prix fixe dinner, offered on both February 13th and 14th, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and to serve as our farewell.

I’m eternally grateful to Bruce and to Neil, who first hired me there, for trusting me with their bar program. It’s been a fun ride and great platform for me as a mixologist. I think we succeeded in turning Carlyle into one of the best places in Portland to have a cocktail. Unfortunately we’ve faced an uphill battle running a destination restaurant in a tough location and a down economy, so this closing is understandable.

If you haven’t been into Carlyle yet, do stop in soon. And if you’re among the many friends I’ve made while working there I hope I’ll see you at least one more time before we close. Last call is Sunday night, February 14. Fernet is on the rail.

[Photo courtesy of the unbeatable Mayor of Carlyle, Ron Dollete.]


7 thoughts on “Last call at Carlyle”

  1. @Barzelay: I have some writing projects to work on and will hopefully pick up a few shifts around town. Not going to rush into another management position though. My lease is up in a few months, so I might even leave Portland.

  2. This is very sad news. It is a heartbreaking decision to close a business. I wish Mr. Goldberg the best and the staff as well.

    I hope things work out for you to stay in Portland, but the employment picture here is not promising.

    Call about one of those shifts you can sit in the garden, write and serve a few beers.


  3. Some friends of mine are opening a restaurant in SF and were interested in finding someone to manage their beverages program, but it sounds like their license will limit them to beer and wine. I don’t suppose you’d be interested?

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