Sticking it to the stogies

Following the lead of New York’s David Paterson, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has proposed new taxes on tobacco, candy, and soft drinks. Cigars may be hit especially hard:

It would also increase taxes on smokeless tobacco and cigars, generating $15 million for the state. (Administration officials said a $2 cigar that now costs $2.76 would jump to $4.46.)

As cigarette taxes hit their maximum and states lose revenue to SCHIP, they’re going to turn to other forms of tobacco. This will leave cigars especially vulnerable. They can’t be smoked quickly like cigarettes, making them much harder to consume under smoking bans. Nor do they enjoy the cartel protections of the Master Settlement Agreement.

Note also that Boston is scheduled to force its six remaining cigar bars out of business.

[Via the Stogie Guys.]


1 thought on “Sticking it to the stogies”

  1. It is a shame that the government is scratching at every angle it can possible find. Cigar smoking is a old world charm. As most other smoking vises are being rubbed out, they feel that they must stick there fingers in deeper to make all americans bleed alittle more.
    They don’t understand or care about the feeling of lighting up your favorite cigar.

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