Iron Bartender 2010

Mark your calendars, Portlanders: The next Oregon Bartenders Guild event for charity is coming up on January 21 at the Jupiter Hotel. This time we’re playing Iron Bartender as four local mixologists compete to improvise the best cocktail with a yet-to-be-revealed mystery ingredient. Behind the bar will be Evan Zimmerman from Laurelhurst Market, Elizabeth Markham from Beaker and Flask, Neil Kopplin from Clyde Common, and this guy from Carlyle whose blog you’re reading right now.

Tickets for the event are $50 with proceeds benefiting the Children’s Relief Nursery. Click here for more details or buy your tickets here.


3 thoughts on “Iron Bartender 2010”

  1. Jacob –

    Thanks for helping promote the event! We’re stoked to have you!
    Laurie Halter
    Iron Bartender Chair

  2. See you there, Jacob! Thanks again for the write up of BCC in the Oregonian. You did a great job. Everyone at the Jupiter Hotel is very excited about hosting Iron Bartender again this year… good luck!

  3. When I first moved to town 10 years ago, I stayed at the Jupiter Hotel for a week, but back then it wasn’t called the Jupiter. I don’t remember the name, but it was a rancid hellpit filled with transients from the nearby methadone clinic. I soon moved across the street to an apartment building filled with cockroaches (I believe the writer Jim Goad lived there too, but I think the place had been cleaned up by then and all the riff-raff had been kicked out.)

    Bizarre how that part of town has taken on a whole new identity.

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