Dining guide update

GMU economist and amateur food critic Tyler Cowen has posted the latest edition of his eminently useful guide to ethnic cuisine in the D.C. area. His page is the best site to visit when you’re looking for a great new place to try — and if it doesn’t work out for you, Tyler’s not taking the blame:

Remember, if you donít like these, you probably didnít follow my advice for what to order. Or you are to blame in some other manner, I donít know which one, there are many possibilities. The most likely are that you simply donít have very good taste, or perhaps you are not very bright. Too bad.

The best news coming out of this update is that he’s finally found a Mexican restaurant he’s willing to recommend. Having grown up in Houston, the Mexican food in this city has been the biggest culinary disappointment for me. The restaurant is called El Tapatio. Too bad it’s in Maryland.


4 thoughts on “Dining guide update”

  1. Can we steal a car and find this El Tapatio place together? And then laugh at their shoddy guacamole?

    The food’ll still suck but it’s worth a shot.

  2. That sounds like a good idea, but why are you suggesting we steal a car? Is it because you think I don’t have one? Or because you know I have an Aztek and would rather risk prison than be seen in it?

  3. Well, for the record, I didn’t know you had a car, but stealing them is fun too.

    An Aztec! You’re well on your way to gaining some Soccer Mom cred!

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