Let them smoke

I have an op/ed in today’s Oregonian arguing for amendments to the state smoking ban. The law is supposed to exempt cigar bars, but as written the requirements are so pointlessly strict that very few places qualify.

Previously: Semi-coincidentally, I had another anti-ban op/ed in the Oregonian exactly one year ago. Here’s a piece from a month later describing the last night of legal smoking at the Horse Brass. And if you think Oregon’s smoking ban is preventing thousands of heart attacks, read this.

(Also, why the hell does the O insist on cropping columnist photos so close? I intentionally sent in a correctly proportioned photo so they wouldn’t have to mess with it, but mess with it they do.)


2 thoughts on “Let them smoke”

  1. The human cost is horrible! A ban is needed. So far this month alone in Oregon more than a dozen people have been killed, and it seems no one is doing a thing about it! The laws seem woefully inadequate to do anything, so tougher laws are needed. Irresponsible people shouldn’t have access them, but they do. So let’s force them to get rid of them! It’s time we do something about it so we can save lives!

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