Libertarian Girl

Considering the excitement that one anonymous Craigslist personals ad from a self-described “super babe seeks geeky libertarian” caused within the local libertarian blogosphere, I’m surprised that this new weblog has remained beneath the radar.

Lonely libertarian men, put down that copy of the Ladies of Liberty calendar and drop your membership in the Atlasphere. Your search is at an end.

Site pros: prolific, thorough linking, libertarian. Cons: LP reference in subtitle, pro-war, uses phrases like “hate-America leftists.”


4 thoughts on “Libertarian Girl”

  1. From the Atlasphere:
    2030 Dating profiles (1598 male, 432 fem)

    Does this mean women are less evolved or just underreprestened in the internet dating world?

  2. Having once attended an Objectivist conference, I can confirm that that representation is not limited to the online dating world. And unless by “less evolved” you mean less likely to let a geeky philosophical system creep its way into every aspect of their lives, then I don’t think that’s the reason for the disparity.

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