Greetings from the new apartment

Finally, Net access in my D. C. apartment! Iíve been here since Friday night and have greatly missed being connected, getting by with a few short trips to a Net cafť and Kinkos. Life is good, and here are a few lessons Iíve learned so far:

On being a lucky bastard: Sign your lease as soon as youíre ready. I did, and a few days before I left home got a call from my landlord. Heíd made a mistake in the lease agreement and had to give me a different apartment Ė a penthouse studio.

On driving: Always get good directions. I was in Arlington with an hour to spare in which to pick up my apartment key. Forty minutes later, I still had no idea where my building was. Fortunately, a friendly pedestrian saved me from being homeless for the weekend.

On code breaking: A George Foreman Grill. A D. C. United ticket stub. A sack of potatoes. Theyíre all things the former tenant left behind for me, and together they add up to something. I just donít know what yet.

On home decorating: Donít expect too much in a pre-furnished apartment. Most of the furniture is ok, but the bright orange microwave looks more like an i-Mac than an appliance (an i-Macrowave?). Iím also not sure about all the Lance Armstrong newspaper clippings adorning the walls.

On cooking: How the hell did I screw up Jell-O? This does not bode well for my future cooking endeavors.

On the exercise/entertainment center: Before getting excited about it, verify that it didnít burn down two weeks before move-in. Guess I wonít be returning to Vandy a buff ping-pong master after all.

Thatís all for now, my friends (and you complete strangers who somehow end up reading this far).


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  1. Glad things are going well for you up in D.C. Jacob. We all missed you at cafe-philo tonight. Would you believe it, both side of the table were having separate conversations at the same time about Iraq. Oh well, talk to you soon!

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