Why does Windows crash?

Maybe it’s because Microsoft programmers aren’t big on efficiency. For example, this is how their map program recommends traveling from Haugesund (in Norway) to Trondheim (also in Norway). Estimated trip time: 47 hours, 31 minutes. The directions also include a frightening number of roundabouts.


Link via the F’d Sites list in the new issue of The Slant.

[Instant update: Getting back from Trondheim to Haugesund is apparently much, much easier. Must be a lot of one-way highways in Norway.]


3 thoughts on “Why does Windows crash?”

  1. Did you click the radio button that said “scenic” or the one that says “fastest”. I am just impressed that those at Microsoft where able to get from Haugesund to Trondheimleft using only two dimesions. I would have guessed that they’d have me burrowing at some point.

  2. According to the URL, that’s the “quickest” route. And who says it’s only two dimensions? If you count the drive through the Chunnel, you are sort of burrowing.

  3. This would have been helpful the last time I was trying to get from Haugesund to Trondheim. Where were you then?

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