The first step of recovery is admitting you have a problem

Today I added my 100th Bloglines subscription. That’s 100 blogs and feeds I keep track of, not including the handful of unsyndicated blogs I still deign to read. I’d cut back but I’m afraid of the withdrawal symptoms. I go a morning without blogs and my mouse clicking finger starts to shake. My name is Jacob Grier and I have a problem.

The honor of being my 100th subscription goes to John Taylor’s new weblog External Reflection. John and I met at one of my IHS seminars this past summer and he recently came to D.C. for the graduate economics program at American University. Welcome to the blogosphere, John. Don’t let it suck you in.

See all 100 subscriptions here. If you read more than a few blogs and don’t already use Bloglines, I highly recommend it as a convenient way to get your fix. And if you’re a blogger and don’t publish a feed, then please get with it! You’re making my finger twitch.


  1. Only 100 Bloglines subscriptions? Pshaw! Try 151, baby:

  2. Jacob says:

    That sounds like a challenge. Is there anyone who can beat 151? (And is willing to admit to it?)

  3. KipEsquire says:

    You’re selling Bloglines short — you can also get newsfeeds and emails through it!


  1. the LCD says:


    First Jeff Tucker tells us that RSS is cool. Now Jacob Grier blegs everyone for their feeds. So if you want it, here it is.

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