Antony Flew update

Exactly what Antony Flew has converted to remains unclear, but he has distanced himself a bit from his recent news-making statements. He now concedes that he foolishly dismissed theories for how life could have arisen from inanimate matter, blaming Gerald Schroeder and (oddly) Richard Dawkins. He hasn’t denied becoming a deist, yet he also notes that his current line of thinking could lead to a new refutation of the concept of God. We may never know, though, becase Flew says, “I am just too old at the age of nearly 82 to initiate and conduct a major and super radical controversy about the conceivability of the putative concept of God as a spirit.” Not surprisingly, there doesn’t appear to be anything new or significant arising from this story.

Further quotes and pointed commentary are available on The Secular Web from Richard Carrier, who has been in correspondence with Professor Flew (scroll down to the Jan. 2005 update). Hat tip to The Panda’s Thumb for the link.


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