Continued opposition to Ohio ban

Should Ohio’s smoking ban ever have been put on the ballot? Opponents of Ohio Bans’ Pam Parker says no:

See more in the Columbus Dispatch. It’s unlikely that the investigation alone will result in a reversal of the ban, but it’s good to see opponents publicizing their work.


2 thoughts on “Continued opposition to Ohio ban”

  1. There is nothing more frustrating than to go to a restaurant, pay good money for a meal, and then have somebody light up a smelly cigar at the table next to you, so you don’t really taste your food, just the cigar.
    I think there might be some argument that the economy put some of those bars out of business, not just the smoking ban. If you want changes, put it on the ballot so we can vote it down again.

  2. To all those people who claim they don’t like the smell of smoke while they’re eating at a restaurant, you are making a claim that is completely false. Smokers have been deligated to the farthest ends of all eating establishments where the owners have installed ventalation systems that cost them THOUSANDS of dollars. I have never smelled smoke when entering a restaurant even when walking into the bar area. So, this is a poor reason for stripping property owners and American citizens of our constitutional freedoms. Now that we know that JENNIFER BRUNNER could not get enough sigs on her petitions to get this on the ballet without cheating, it tells us, the average person didn’t want this either. One other little fact I haven’t seen mentioned is they put this on the ballet during on off election year so not so many people showed up to vote. So the majority of people did NOT say they wanted this. Given all the info we have on this administration and it’s effort to take over car company’s franchises, banks and anything else they can get their hands on, I doubt if this smoking ban would see the light of day if they tried it again, unless they fudge the books again of course.

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