Links for 11/23/09

This is your government on salvia

Reading with a constrained organ

LMG’s courteous Belle de Jour tripwire

No university degrees for the overweight

Apple won’t fix smokers’ computers

NH firm forced into settlement it never agreed to

Boost chowder sales the Ivar’s way

A trip to the dentist

The Passenger opens in DC


  1. Barzelay says:

    The Apple thing sounds like it has nothing to do with any moral judgment from Apple, it’s simply that Apple is unwilling to take on the liability of making its employees work on a machine that has an OSHA-categorized hazardous material in it. It doesn’t even sound like they’re trying to get out of having to honor the warranty. But it does seem like they should have a prominent warning about this policy in the AppleCare policy.

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