While we’re on the subject of Bloglines, I should mention a new service called Bloglines users may have noticed its addition to the “add subscription” page. scours a wide variety of news sources and sorts them into categories. These are then published as XML feeds. The categories range from the very general (U.S. news) to the specific (Paul Simon). I’ve been using it for the past week and have found it to be a great way to keep up with events and find blog fodder I would have otherwise missed.

Topix content is also available in the form of webpages and email updates.

[Update: The Topix system works through automated programs, so sometimes mistakes creep in. Tonight I got my first. This article about holiday shopping scams showed up on the astronomy news feed because the first scam listed is about how companies claiming to be able to name a star for you have no legitimate standing. It’s an understandable mistake and that’s an interesting fact I didn’t know, so I don’t consider the occassional miscategorization to be much of a problem.]


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