Thanks to Lessig

Everyone’s excited about the new Becker-Posner weblog, myself included. It looks like we can thank Lawrence Lessig for making this happen. He’s the one who got Posner guest blogging back in August and a whois search shows that he registered the domain for them. Subscribing with Bloglines has also revealed this cute explanatory note left he left, now replaced with a “coming soon” entry:

Demo entry

By Lessig on misc.

This is an example of what an entry will look like. I have a link here to my blog.

Prediction: The Becker-Posner Blog will have more Bloglines subscribers before it launches than this blog has earned in eighteen months of existence.

[Update 11/30/04: That was fast! As of this morning, it’s Becker-Posner 31, Eternal Recurrence 18. The good news is my prediction was right. The bad news is there are more people reading a non-existent weblog than are reading my own. Huzzah!]


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  2. Yes, but I hear that Becker’s espresso shots are over extracted and that Posner sucks at card tricks. Where’s the love, man? 😉

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