Kaine celebrates death of small businesses

It would be hard for me to adequately express my loathing for Virginia Governor Tim Kaine:

With just about 50 days to go before the Commonwealth’s landmark smoking ban goes into effect, Governor Timothy M. Kaine is joining dining patrons and community leaders across Virginia today to highlight restaurants that have already gone smoke-free. The new law—called “monumental” in one of the nation’s biggest tobacco-producing states—takes effect December 1 and will prohibit smoking in nearly all restaurants across the Commonwealth. The Governor is visiting successful restaurants in Norfolk, Richmond, Roanoke and Fairfax County that have voluntarily gone smoke-free.

“This historic public health measure will only enhance the high quality of life Virginians have come to enjoy by protecting restaurant patrons and employees from the serious health risks of secondhand smoke,” said Governor Kaine. “With a growing number of Virginia restaurants that have already found they can be both smoke-free and successful, I encourage other restaurants to go smoke-free before December 1 to immediately protect restaurant-goers and workers alike.”

It’s great that so many restaurants have voluntarily gone smokefree, but not all businesses are identical. I wonder if Kaine will include visits to Virginia’s soon to be defunct hookah bars during his 50 day countdown? The reception from those business owners won’t be nearly so warm.

The same article notes that about 70% of Virginia restaurants and bars already forbid indoor smoking.

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1 thought on “Kaine celebrates death of small businesses”

  1. I do not smoke however it is my choice to go to a busines no matter what kind it is that allows smoking. All you good goodies nowing what is best for a business owner? In this economy how can you support a ban which might could put a business out of businees by the loss of revenue from smokers.

    The goverment needs to stop putting more and more regulation on the small business owner. Where does it end. This is just a step towards banning other things we take for granted. You liberals need to stay out of our lives and stop taking our rights away.

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