Bringing smoky back

One of the things I miss most about Virginia is cigar sessions with good friends. Whether it was in front of Murky Coffee in the summer, in the back room of EatBar in the winter, or out on my balcony after a night of cocktails, it was always a welcome change of pace from the busy life in DC. For a variety of reasons it’s much harder to enjoy that hobby here in Portland.

To change that, Ron Dollete of PDXplate and I are hosting a cigar night this Monday at El Gaucho, one of the few Portland bars that still has a smoking room. We’re hoping to make it a monthly thing. Our group so far is mostly bartenders, but anyone who likes stogies and spirits is welcome to join. Details are on the event’s Facebook page.

(Our wise rulers in Salem have decreed that only cigars shall be set alight in bars, so leave your cigarettes and pipes at home.)

Last night of smoking at the Horse Brass


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  1. The El Gaucho sirloin with lobster medallions is probably one of the best cuts of meat I’ve had. I’ve now had the sirloin twice and I’m convinced that it wasn’t just because I was starving the first time! They have a pretty impressive wine and scotch selection as well as a room dedicated to smoking cigars. The one time we migrated to the cigar room, they brought out a complimentary fruit and cheese plate. It’s on my Top 10 list!

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