More on Neuticles

What have I started? Just when I thought and hoped there was nothing more to be said about Neuticles, David Tufte of voluntaryXchange proves me wrong. It turns out that they don’t exist for purely aesthetic reasons. He explains how asymmetric information in the dog show world creates a financial incentive for advertising false virility. Neat!

Neuticles have taken the blogosphere from humor to medicine to biology to economics in just a few days. Who knew an artificial testicle could bear so much fruit?


3 thoughts on “More on Neuticles”

  1. It may not even always be false advertising. As most men know, being one plum short of a full fruit basket doesn’t necessarily decrease your fertility. But if you are in the business of selling your dog’s fertility, you can’t take the chance that a potential buyer might balk at your stud being less than complete.

  2. Neuticles are NOT for committing fraud in the show ring. Neuticles are for neuter hesitant pet owners who cringe at the idea of their beloved pet being emasculated by a procedure that was developed in 1802. Over 20 million pets are neutered in the US each year and Neuticles and the company has no interest in the show dogs which make up a teeny tiny fraction of the market. Besides- why would anyone in their right mind enter a Neuticled dog in a show? It would be like entering a fancy car in the Indy 500 with no engine.

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