Monster of God

Perhaps it was beginning to look like the “freelance writer” part of my weblog subtitle was just a big scam to lend some credibility to the site, but I’ve finally gotten around to the business of being published. No longer can the naysayers claim the only way my stuff would see print is if I started my own paper and named myself editor!

Today my review of David Quammen’s Monster of God: The Man-Eating Predator in the Jungles of History and the Mind was published on, the environmental policy site run by the Institute for Humane Studies. The book is about our uneasy relationship with fearsome alpha predators and what the prospects are for their survival. Quammen is an excellent writer (see his cover story in this month’s National Geographic) and Monster of God is an engrossing read. Check my review for further details.

Incidentally, books I’m reading for review won’t be listed on the sidebar. I already have a few other science books lined up that I’ll hopefully get to review in the near future.


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