A simple summer Scotch cocktail


When you think of summer cocktails, Scotch probably isn’t the first spirit to come to mind. But this simple Scotch drink, on the menu as the Ontosoroh at Carlyle, makes a sweet and smoky sip on a summer day:

2 oz Scotch
.75 oz Swedish punsch
.5 oz lemon juice

Shake over ice, strain into a cocktail glass, and garnish with a lemon twist. It’s simple to make with just three ingredients but the punsch brings plenty of complexity.

The choice of Scotches matters. I’ve found that Johnnie Walker Black works really well, other brands not so much. Recipes for punsch vary too. Mine is here and is smokier than many. When this all comes together it’s pretty nice.


4 thoughts on “A simple summer Scotch cocktail”

  1. I’m curious to see how big a variable blended vs. single malt would be with this drink…JW Black has several whiskies in it…somewhere around 30-40 I think.

    What other brands did you try and were they blended?

  2. How long can you reasonably store the punsch once you’ve made a batch? I don’t see myself making 2o of these bad boys no matter how tasty they are.

  3. @Sithmonkey: I tried mostly blends. JW Red wasn’t bad, but the Black is clearly better. I think I tried Dewars White (bad) and Dewar’s Signature (ok) as well. I tried one Islay single malt and didn’t like it (Bowmore Legend), but a lighter single malt could possibly work. For the price though I’d probably stick with Johnnie Walker.

    @Jim: It’ll keep for a few weeks at least thanks to the alcohol content, possibly longer. It’s great to have around for other drinks too. Try a Doctor Cocktail:

    2 oz Jamaican dark rum (Appleton VX works great)
    1 oz Swedish punsch
    1 oz lime juice

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