Chipotle for president

This fall has been a season of Tex-Mex disappointments for the Queso Crusader: first I failed to find my burrito soulmate, and then the World Series teams once again failed to win a free taco for every person in America. So many possibilities, squandered.

Fortunately, a sign at the local Chipotle brings good news! Buy a burrito, bol, or taco on the second scariest day of the year (Halloween), save the receipt, and bring it back in on the scariest day of the year (November 2nd) for a free meal. Drown your election day sorrows in a foil wrapped tube of spicy goodness, courtesy of Chipotle.


3 thoughts on “Chipotle for president”

  1. Thank you THANK YOU for posting this. I was getting reading to hit me up some Chipotle and now I’ve got a great reason to hurry up. Happy Halloween y’all.

  2. I too noticed the sad failure of the taco feeding frenzy. In other news, the great Taco Boy would like to remind you that the proliteriate has not yet failed, and Komrade Kerry’s league of dead voters have yet to have their ballots counted in Ohio. The propaganda machine known as the AP has (mostly) done a good job of delivering you the truth: Kerry won all 51 states.


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