Going to Cato

The waiting is finally over: I received notice today that I have been accepted as an intern at the Cato Institute. Considering that I’d already bought two new suits and agreed to a lease, this is very good news. (I wasn’t being that presumptuous: if it hadn’t worked out I would have been very disappointed but stayed in the city and worked elsewhere. Besides, the suits still have the tags on them!)

I’ll find out soon what department I’ll be working in. On the application I listed my preferences as education, media relations, and Social Security, but I’ll be happy wherever I end up.

Also, this entry has been posted via an e-mail-to-blog gateway that my friend Adam Gintis has added to the site. This makes posting away from home even easier. Thanks, Adam!


  1. Taco Boy says:

    Queso Crusher, Id like to congratulate you for your CATO acceptance. I shall eat some Qeso in your honor, and even better: I wont post a stupid link. :p

  2. After a month in the U. P., I can assure you there was much queso consumed upon return to TX, Taco Boy.

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