United-MetroStars recap


Score: United 3, MetroStars 2

This afternoon I headed out to my first Major League Soccer game, courtesy of one of Court’s good friends. The photo is from our great seats: United keeper Nick Rimando flies in to punch an incoming ball out of the goal box.

While I don’t share my flatmate’s wish to turn all baseball parks into soccer fields, I’m pleased to say that the game makes a great spectator sport (even though I’ve played and refereed it for years, I wasn’t entirely sure of this). The continuous flow of the game makes it go by much faster than football, baseball, and even basketball with those sports’ constant stoppages of play. Plus, the fact that the games are almost always close makes them interesting up to the end. Long story short: D.C. taxpayers could save a lot of money if instead of building a new baseball stadium they just learned to appreciate soccer and provided a small subsidy for hooliganism.

Next game: D.C. (11-10-9) at New England (11-12-7) in the first game of their playoff series.

[Entry format shamelessly lifted from Chad Wilcox.]


4 thoughts on “United-MetroStars recap”

  1. I don’t think an America where criticizing football doesn’t result in federal prison sentences is an America I want to live in.

    Keep your anti-football, pro-Soviet thoughts to yourself next time, eh, comrade?

  2. I Remeber the Metrostars, they sucked back when I watched them in the Meadowlands, they suck now. My how times change… oh wait.

  3. Hey Jacob, It was great meeting you finally. DC United is the BEST sports teams in DC. They are internationally known and respected and the flagship team of MLS.

    Correction to your entry: DC’s Next game is against the Metroscum in NY. Their next home game is the 2nd playoff match on Oct 30th @ 7PM at RFK.

  4. Scum??? You seem to think Metrostars fans are Red Sox fans for baseball. They are in fact Mets/Yankees fans.

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