Winter boots? Ugg!

Judging by the frequency with which the word “Ugg” is showing up on the list of search phrases that lead people to my website, winter must be coming on fast. For example, the list includes the search phrase “sorority ugg” (which should really read “Sorority? Ugh!” But I digress…). As a caution to my Vanderbilt friends, I note that the list also includes the phrase “ugg nashville,” so it appears that the Vandy sorority girls are once again looking to acquire these pastel travesties for the coming winter season.

One searcher found the site with the question “Can I still wear uggs in 2005?” As she will have hopefully learned from my previous post on the subject, the answer is a resounding “no.” Wearing them in 2004 was regrettable, but wearing them in 2005 would be criminal. If you must insist on looking fashionably silly in the new year, your best bet is to wear a poncho instead.

In fact, the poncho trend seems to have already sown some confusion among the Ugg wearers, as evidenced in the search phrase “ugg gaucho boots women.” No no no no no! Gauchos don’t wear Uggs, they wear ponchos! Come on now, did Clint Eastwood wear powder blue emu boots with fluffy lining in A Fistful of Dollars? Of course not, he only dressed like that off the set.

The same goes for the person looking for “ugg american indian.” Ugg boots are an invention of the Aussies, and she’d better remember that — they get a little testy when people forget.

Finally, as a parting fashion tip from Eternal Recurrence, please don’t ever wear Uggs and ponchos together. The culture clash is just too much to bear and unless you possess the macho-panache (panacho?) of Clint Eastwood, you just won’t be able to pull it off.


11 thoughts on “Winter boots? Ugg!”

  1. Did you ever read the Hitchhiker’s Guide series? Do you remember the story about the planet that reached a “critical mass” of shoe stores, at which point the planet’s economy could only produce shoes?

    I imagine the result will be similar here, when your commenting on search results for Ugg boots will only lead more people here in search of them, requiring you to continue commenting on them until your website becomes the clearinghouse for Ugg information.

  2. Oh yes, I’m a big fan of the series (which is soon to be a feature film, btw). I can only hope that doesn’t happen here.

    Coincidentally, my flatmate posted on the poncho trend the same day I did. She also showed me that Victoria’s Secret’s new catalog features a model wearing Ugg boots and an Ugg poncho on the back cover. What is the world coming to?

  3. It’s funny that you put not to wear ugg boots and a poncho together. I wore a blue poncho, tan emu boots, and a denim skirt not too long ago and got many compliments.

  4. Ugg Bots…they won their popularity when Oprah featurd them on her “oprahs favorite things..” show…the housewives and consumption junkies went wild…and that year Ugg sold out of stock…they were going for 400$ a pair on EBAY….Summer then came, giving Ugg a chance to re-stock and prey that people are still itching to wear them in 2005…and I am an admitted victim of this Quick Trend. But hey, i live in CANADA, and its real COLD…thats my excuse….:)

  5. I do not like the combination of Uggs and poncho, the 70s are over, but the boots can look quite vintage, if you wear them out good. If you go on ebay take care, there’s a lot of fake stuff.

  6. well, it seems that the ugg trend is not over for years. Since 2003 the Uggs have been the must-have boot as Christmas gift and it’s not over yet. New styles are coming and going and the classic ones are still the most popular ones. Wonder what’s coming to be the Oprah favourite thing this year???

  7. well ugg boots are the best damn ting since flip flops ! they are so comfy ! and the best look with skinny jeans !

    for all you ugg lovers , get yourself to portugal ! i got a lush pink pair limited edition (paris hilton has them!)
    they were €500 well worth it though !

    & plus all the celebs wear them & models !
    they give your legs a workout aswell

  8. Uggs are deff over priced but i gotta give it up for the makers of ugg… u made one of the worlds wierdest looking boots—in style…. and i hate 2 say it but i want a pair… EVERYONE HAS THEMM!!!

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