Chavez is no Lovejoy

The Portland City Council has voted unanimously to rename 39th Avenue NE in honor of Cesar Chavez, resolving a two-year debate in the city. I, for one, am deeply offended. Not because I have anything against Chavez, about whom I know very little and assume was a swell chap. I’m offended that we pay the members of our city council salaries of more than $90,000 a year to pat themselves on the back for doing things like renaming 39th Avenue.

Prediction: Decades from now, Portlanders will take more pride in having “Simpsons” characters named after their streets than in having streets named after historical figures. And I’ll drink a Duff to that!


1 thought on “Chavez is no Lovejoy”

  1. Wow, your city council makes a hell of a lot more than Atlanta City Council members….they make around $40,000. Of course, ACC’s supposed to be a part time job. Emphasis on the “supposed to” and its inconsistent relationship to reality.

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