Cheers to independence!

Stone Fence

Tonight’s a night for backyard grilling, tossing a baseball, eating absurd amounts of food, and enjoying the sunshine. Unless you’re me. I’ll be stuck working behind a bar. But if I were joining you all outside, I’d be cheering independence with a Stone Fence:

1.5 oz aged rum
hard apple cider

Pour both ingredients over ice, stir, and enjoy.

Apple cider usually brings to mind fall flavors, but this is pleasant and refreshing in the summer. More importantly, some form of this drink is what supposedly gave Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys the liquid courage they needed to storm Fort Ticonderoga and take it from the bloody British in 1775. So goes the legend, anyway, and legends that give us an excuse to celebrate with tasty cocktails are worth perpetuating.

In Imbibe! cocktail historian David Wondrich suggests that for true authenticity one should use 115-proof Bundaberg rum (not available in the US) and brew your own cider. That seems like a lot of work for a holiday. Inexpensive aged rums like Appleton Estate VX or Bacardi 8 will do nicely. For the cider I’ve been experimenting with Crispin, a new American brand intended to be served over ice. While some of their products are a little sweet for me, I really enjoy their brut cider. The fact that it comes in convenient 12 oz bottles is another point in its favor.

This drink eventually evolved into a less potent but still tasty libation combining bourbon and non-alcoholic apple cider. A couple dashes of Angostura bitters is a nice addition; this is the version you might have tried if you were at Cato’s Repeal Day celebration last year. When we head into fall and winter, this variation really hits the spot.


2 thoughts on “Cheers to independence!”

  1. If you’re not a seasoned drinker, Bundaberg rum will slap you around and call you Susan.

    Thank you for introducing me to a new rum drink! I tried it out with some Pyrat, Appleton, and Ron Matusalem. I used Woodchuck cider, out of nostalgia for my college days. In college, my buddies and I used to play a game called “How much could a wood chuck chuck” with that stuff…oh yeah…

    Bundaberg also makes a rum liqueur that’s out of this world…If you can get it…As far as I know, it’s only sold at the factory in Queensland. I’ve had a couple of small shots and some rum cake made with the stuff. Outstanding.

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