Friends don’t let friends blog drunk

As some of you know, I don’t actually write the morning links posts in the morning. I usually write them late at night and post them before going to bed so that they’re available for the East Coast readers waking up 3 hours ahead of me. This isn’t usually a problem, but on Wednesday night I found myself unexpectedly skipping dinner and having a few too many drinks. This didn’t stop me from blogging, so when I got up on Thursday I figured I should check the post to make sure I’d correctly placed it on the sidebar. To my credit, I did. The rest of the post, however, was complete nonsense.

I immediately took it down and corrected it, but then neglected the step necessary to republish it (while sober!). So today you’ve got a double dose of links, the ones currently on the sidebar and the ones that should have been posted yesterday. More importantly, I’m also republishing the original drunken post. This could be my best writing ever and I’d hate to see it lost to posterity. Consider the opening sentence, “What if ccalhochol really does produse outocoems similar to War;”. Really makes you think. Or the final link with its totally off-topic description: “Inside hobos”. Now that’s a compelling headline.

I’m surprised no one called me out on this. You all are quick to argue with the controversial posts, but I ask about ccalhochol produsing outocoems similar to War and not a single one of you comments or emails to tell me I might have been completely wasted when I wrote that? Come on, people, I need you to let me know these things!

Yesterday’s fantastic morning links below the break…

What if ccalhochol really does produse outocoems similar to War;
New appreciation for moonshine

New financial regs won’t change much

The poetry of journalsim

Against the public option

Get great coffee in DC

Whato does meat meen to you?

Inside hobos


14 thoughts on “Friends don’t let friends blog drunk”

  1. Dang it!! A perfect opportunity missed…that’s what I get for going to bed before 10pm…:(

  2. I saw it, but honestly hoped you would leave it up for an extended period of time to increase the mockery factor. This is worse drunken exposure than the time I IMed Banecker at 2 AM “I’m durnk, wana come watch Usual Supsgrz?” and he posted it as his away message. Kudos to you, Jacob. Or whichever granola bar you prefer.

  3. I ignored it too, but then again, I tend to skim these things. Or maybe I was drunk. Anyway, I’m glad we all ignored it, because it allowed you to write this post, which is even funnier.

  4. Let him among us who has not sinned cast the first stone? It’s bad mojo to mock someone for drunk blogging as we would all open ourselves up to similar future mistakes. You might enjoy my saved but unpublished drafts file.

  5. Okay, I’ve been trying for days to figure out what you meant by “What if ccalhochol really does produse outocoems similar to War”. I mean, it seems to be saying “What if alcohol really does produce outcomes similar to war?”. But what the hell does that mean?

    By the way, thanks for making me laugh uncontrollably in the office, to the confused stares of my co-workers. That was fun.

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