The Legend of Hand Pants Man

If you happened to read the comments on the porcupine entry a few days ago, then you know about the legend of Hand Pants Man (HPM for short). HPM was the Vice President of the Vanderbilt DKE chapter. After one of his pledges was arrested breaking into a federal courthouse with a bag of stolen mail, HPM was called upon to interview for a local news station.

Then hilarity ensued. You see, HPM was not cut out for being on camera. He got a little nervous. And then he shoved his hand down his pants. Front and center. Apparently he found this comforting, for there it rested for the remainder of the interview.

The video was an instant hit on AIM as Vanderbilt students sent the link around to all their friends. But then the video was lost and Hand Pants Man drifted into the realm of legend.

Until now. Thanks to the foresighted archiving of my friend Julian and the generous hosting of The Slant, that notorious interview is once again available for your viewing pleasure.

Ladies and gentlemen, we now present the Hand Pants Man.