D. C. Apartment

The U. P. isn’t the ideal place from which to choose an apartment in Washington, D. C., but I’ve finally decided on one that works. It’s in the River Place North complex in Rosslyn, right on the Arlington side of the Potomac. I found it through Sublet.com, a pay site that proved invaluable for finding a place to sublease.

Now that I’ve agreed to the lease, it would be nice to have an income to go with it — Cato should select the fall interns by this Friday.

Unrelated but good news: there are plans for an Ender’s Game movie and Orson Scott Card is writing the screenplay. The books set in the Ender universe are both suspenseful and thought provoking; if the film can capture both elements, we’ll be in for a treat when it comes out. (Card is also writing a weekly political column called “War Watch“).

Site news: As of today, this website has passed the 500-visits-in-a-month mark for the first time.


2 thoughts on “D. C. Apartment”

  1. Queso Crusher,

    It appears as your attempts to find asylum in the deepest pits of hell have succeeded. Even I, the great Taco boy, dare not go to the place known to you as “Washington D.C.”. As a protege of mine once said, “you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villany.” I shall give you one last chance at redemption:

    Embrace the Taco as your God. Or be destroyed. The choice is up to you, but i warn you not to underestimate the power of the Taco Bell Tacos!

    As for your laughable “Ender’s Game” movie, I *gasp* have nothing to say.

    First, as has become as custom for me, I shall post my strange link:

    Your site better support simple codes!!!

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