“More knowledge than I’d expect”

Friendly reminder to Capitol Hill interns: Especially when you’re in DC, there’s a very good chance your bartender or server is smarter, more educated, and wittier than you. Act accordingly.


  1. sabrina says:

    Ha. Love it. And nice timing. I shared it with a friend who works in DC and has to hire these idiots because we were just having a conversation where she was complaining about them.

  2. Hazal says:

    please dont do! Ihad a similar call from hdloiay rentals .i stupidley paid out a31000for there srvices with a promise of a35000 , what happened , they went bust only recentleyi have got my money back, not off them but off my credit card co. after as lot of of answers and questions. it does not stop there ,as 3 different companies one called excalibur have promised me the same . believe me its a sc**!!!mine was also club class membership ,beware i am in dispute with them

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