Portland-NoVa food meld

Portland’s getting a little more like Northern Virginia and Northern Virginia’s getting a little more like Portland. The good news for Portland is four more Five Guys locations opening up soon. The local burger chain option here is ok, but it’s no match for Five Guys.

The good news for Clarendon is that Boccato Gelato and Espresso is now serving Stumptown coffee. The store had just received its Synesso when I moved away last summer. I haven’t tried their coffee, but the gelato is very good. With Murky closed a place to get well-crafted coffee drinks is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

[Thanks to Clarendon’s coffee-deprived Chad for the Boccato link!]


1 thought on “Portland-NoVa food meld”

  1. It seems apparent that you have not tried the Burgerville regular cheeseburgers in a bag of five so that you can properly enjoy the fresh hot one all the way to the cold one from your fridge at 2:30am. But then I will have to try the Five Guys when I get to town. We are moving up there in the first half of July so I’ll have a chance to compare very soon.

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