My new daily grind

I don’t like being in an office. I do like being in a coffee shop. So why work in an office if I could work in a coffee shop?

My thoughts exactly. Starting a few weeks from now I will be working at Murky Coffee’s new Clarendon location. As some of you know, I’ve always thought about wanting to own a coffee shop someday. More recently I decided to forego jobs that require reporting to an office in favor of part time coffee shop work, magic, and writing. Now the first goal has been met and the other two are progressing nicely.

Speaking of Murky Coffee, there’s another bit of news I’ve had to sit on for a while: their new store is opening up in the current location of Common Grounds. It’s a friendly buyout and the new store will share many of the same goals as CG, including the vital community feel. But there will be changes. Most importantly, the new owner cares intensely about the art of making good coffee and espresso and he’s going to refocus the store on offering the best damn coffee in town (yes, he said “damn”).

I’m excited about starting training and being in on the ground floor of the new operation. The exact time of the transfer hasn’t been decided upon yet, but once the change is made feel free to stop by the store, say hi, and test out my new barista skills. That goes especially for those IHS employees who currently favor a certain Seattle-based coffee chain.

[Update 9/30/04: Nick has the official announcement.]


3 thoughts on “My new daily grind”

  1. Very cool, congratulations! Someday my travels, or lack thereof, will allow me to avail myself of your coffee-making skills. I look forward to the best damn coffee, with the best damn preparation. Top JJ’s double-mocha and I’ll really be impressed.

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