Smittens may be sickeningly cute, but they just don’t take account of today’s exciting range of alternative lifestyles. Somehow Court and I ended up talking about how these mittens for two leave out people who refuse to accept the traditional heterodoxy of couplehood. A problem like this called for drastic measures. Namely, PhotoShop.

Check out Court’s weblog for the invention that will make us millionaires, the Menage-a-MittenTM.


4 thoughts on “Menage-a-Mittens”

  1. Actually, I was imagining an entirely different use. You know how sports teams at the start of a game often stand in a circle and each player puts one hand in the center of the circle and they all shout some inspiring slogan like “goooooo team!”? Well, I bet their hands get cold when they do that. All you have to do is have an even MORE holes in the mittens. These could also work for the EVEN MORE sexually adventurous.

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