My exciting Saturday night

Mike Podguski reports on last night’s festivities, complete with sarcastic comments about my organizational skills. The evening starts with me inviting Mike and two other friends to a party downtown. Trouble begins when we arrive and I realize that I have forgotten to bring both the directions and the host’s phone number.

The situation worsens as I call a friend whom I’m pretty sure will be at the party. I ask if he’s there and he has no idea what I’m talking about. It appears I’ve committed the faux pas of asking him about a party to which he wasn’t invited. Oops.

But I’m wrong. He then informs me that said host had thrown a really big party last weekend and perhaps that is what I was thinking of. I realized then that I’d dragged three friends all the way out to Columbia Heights for no good reason, having arrived without directions to a party that had ended about 6.5 days ago.

Every cloud has a silver lining, however, and last night Mike and I accomplished something: we rode on all five Metro lines in one evening. That was orange line to L’Enfant, yellow line part of the way to Columbia Heights, green line for the rest, red line from DuPont to Metro Center, the blue line (just for kicks) to Farrugut West, and then the orange line again back to Clarendon. Ridiculous, but a suitable consolation prize for a poorly planned night out.


2 thoughts on “My exciting Saturday night”

  1. I’m semi-inclined to throw another party in your honor, simply because you went to such great lengths to get to the original one. 😀

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