2 thoughts on “Links for 5/29/09”

  1. Love how the anti-regulation writer decries “regulation” without specifying which regulations, what they are meant to accomplish, and whether they are effective. He lists all the costs and none of the benefits! It’s like someone complaining about paying $300,000, while ignoring the fact that the money is being used to buy a nice house. Shouldn’t we figure out what we’re buying before we complain that we’re paying too much for it?

    Not that I think every regulation is necessarily effective, or worth the cost, but to complain about “regulation” in the abstract? What a joke!

  2. That’s true, obviously, but the costs of regulation are much harder to see than, say, the costs of an income tax. You know roughly what you pay in income taxes, or can look it up. But it’s much harder to know how much regulations are costing you each year. So I think it’s useful to call attention to the scale of the costs, at least as a starting point.

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