Nyaah nyaah nyaah, all you non-candidate Libertarians

If I had to guess that one friend of mine would be casting a Libertarian vote this year, I would not have guessed Ben Stark. And yet, when election day rolls around, he just might do it. Is this due to the free market influence of Duke law professors? Unlikely. The enticement of the Votergasm? Even more unlikely. No, it was the old “nyaah nyaah nyaah” strategy. Ben explains…

Strange as it seems, given my general dislike of libertarianism, the Libertarian candidate in my U.S. House district my have won my vote! See the following statement from Max Longley, Libertarian candidate for the 4th District of NC (David Price’s district):

“A word about my own candidacy. I am running as a write-in candidate for Congress with the endorsement of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina. In addition to supporting the basic program of the Libertarian Party, I have a specific principle to advance: That the federal government shouldn’t take any human life, ever. It doesn’t matter whether the human life is a day-old embryo or an adult Iraqi. I don’t support the federal government killing anyone, no matter what overall benefits are supposed, on utilitarian grounds, to accrue from the killing. Whether it’s a Libertarian principle or not, it’s my principle. Not all Libertarians will agree with me on this, but I’m the candidate and they’re not, so nyaah nyaah nyaah.”

First off, it’s not like my vote will make much of a difference in the 4th District. Price has this district in the bag. Second, a pro-life, anti-war candidate represents my views better than anybody else. Third, you gotta love any candidate who says “nyaah nyaah nyaah” on his campaign site! (http://www.votelpnc.us/longley/) (And who provides a link to his Livejournal on that website: http://www.livejournal.com/users/lilburne/)

The Pro-Life Anarchist in me is pleased by his attitude.

– Ben

Given the state of the political rhetoric this election season, I’d say that’s as good a reason as any!


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  1. Note Longley’s deft avoidance of the actual pro-life/pro-choice issue. One wonders – does this mean he would make the government act in forbidding abortion? Or would he simply cut off all government funds flowing to abortion offerers?

  2. Being a resident of a state that not only has an electric chair, but one that’s actually named Old Sparky, I have to say, if someone deserves to die, then fry ’em. And I bet you’d become pro choice pretty damn quickly if you knocked a girl up while still in law school.

  3. fthevote.com is old news Ben. It just shows how low some people are willing to go to prevent Bush from being re-elected.

  4. Sarah, clearly you don’t know me. For me to “knock up” a girl while in law school, I would have to become the kind of guy that cheats on his girlfriend. For me to suddenly become pro-choice (that is, to want that girl to have an abortion) I would have to not only betray my belief in the sanctity of human life, but I would have to be a coward who takes no responsibility for his actions. Perhaps you could at least get to know me before you make these unflattering judgments of my character.

    Taco Boy (whom I can only assume to be Andy Coz), you wanna talk about politics sinking low? Let’s talk voter rolls in Florida in 2000 and people who shared names with felons.

    So, now that I’ve managed to be self-righteous and combatative in one post, I must conclude with the following rhetorical flourish, borrowed from Cicero: “neener, neener.”

  5. Hello, folks! When I felt my ears burning, I knew someone was talking about me. So I Googled my own name and came across this excellent discussion.

    Let me encourage people to check out my Livejournal, which I have filled with easily-accessible material about my various positions, including detailed discussion of abortion-related issues. Just click on the URL of this message, and you will be able to learn more than you ever wanted to know about where I stand on the issues.

    If you want to vote for “pro-choice” candidates, then I encourage you to look at some of the other Libertarians on the ballot. Most Libertarians (to my regret) are “pro-choice,” although there’s a vocal pro-life minority.

    Mr. Stark doesn’t seem to think that anyone would put serious material on a Livejournal. If wisdom can come from the mouths of babes, then surely it can occasionally come from Livejournal, as well (I mean “babes” in the strictly Scriptural sense, of course, cf. Luke 1:44 – “the babe leaped in my womb for joy,” or, in the pro-choice translation, “the clump of disposable cells leaped in my womb for joy”).

    Thus, when I provided a link to my Livejournal from the Libertarian Party’s site, I wasn’t on the same level of immaturity as when I used the “nyaah”s.

    I am as serious a candidate as it is possible for a Libertarian to be. I am genuinely seeking the votes of those who are dissatisfied with the direction in which the two major parties are going. I would like to encourage people in the Fourth District to send the Big Two parties a message by writing in my name for U. S. House.

    Feel free to get in touch with me if you want to discuss these issues some more.

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