Me am baaack!

Every time I write a weblog entry after returning from a trip I feel like titling it “Me am baaack!” in honor of the cover of a Superman comic that featured Bizarro way back in 1994. For no particular reason that cover has always stuck with me. This time I’m using it and, well, me am baaack in Arlington.

I’ve been here since Sunday night, but am only now finding time to update thanks to an editing job that fell suddenly into my lap: very fast turn around, interesting material, and great pay. (M, if you’re reading this, I owe you one!).

The trip up here was fun, especially the afternoon Chad and I spent at Wine on the River. Wine on the River is, I think, the best thing that has ever happened in Nashville. The weather was beautiful as over thirty tents hosting more than 300 different wines (we sampled too significant a fraction) lined the Shelby Pedestrian Bridge for three hours. The Nashville Symphony Quartet played in the background, in addition to a few other acts. Morton’s Steakhouse was there to offer filet mignon sandwiches two for a dollar. Wrap that up with an evening at J-J’s with Taco Boy, Dr Pepper Man, and Feta Girl, and life can’t get much better. (And, as Chad humorously reports, it was much better than riverside events of the following day.)

That’s all I have to report from the long drive up. Now it’s just a matter of establishing a new pattern sans normal employment.


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