Green Fairy at 20,000 Feet


So let me get this straight, TSA. Bringing a bottle of shampoo or a pair of nail clippers on the plane is a threat to national security, but letting passengers guzzle absinthe is A-OK? Priorities, people! (Meaning let’s allow both, not let’s ban absinthe.)

According to BoingBoing, Virgin America is going to start serving absinthe on its flights. I’m all in favor of improving the spirit selection on airplanes, but there’s some bad news here too: The absinthe they’re serving is Le Tourment Vert and it’s absolutely terrible. I don’t like to trash liquor brands on this blog, but absinthe is a new spirit in the US with a lot of buzz around it, so first impressions count for a lot. Le Tourment Vert is a slickly (and sometimes clumsily) marketed product with a sexy bottle and a high price tag; it’s also full of artificial coloring and tastes like mouthwash. People whose first taste of absinthe comes from Virgin America may be turned off of the spirit forever, missing out on some truly artisan spirits. If you’re flying Virgin, don’t waste your time.

Now if only some airline would feature Aviation Gin. That’s an obvious tie-in and a worthy product to feature.

Night with the Green Fairy