11 thoughts on “I get graffitied”

  1. Did they also draw something sticking out of your nose? I can’t tell if that’s just a flaw in the photograph or what. If so, it’s kind of less flattering than the awesome ‘stache.

  2. I am so jealous. One of my goals in life is to have a prominently displayed picture of me defaced with a handlebar mustache. Kudos.

  3. Actually, the top hat would be a great touch! It would match up with your whole magician thing, too. You should have a costume and a super-hero/villain name: The Great JaRo, Magical Libertarian.

    Well, it’s a start……

  4. damnit! someone beat me to the “monocle” comment! AMAZING find though- i’ve very jealous! the closest i’ve come to that sort of “fame” was finding my head photoshopped on a porn-stars body (they did me some favors there) 😛

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