Liberty on the Rocks comes to the Horse Brass

The constant political happy hours and events were a bit overwhelming when I lived in DC, but now that I’m on the West Coast I do miss the regular gatherings with smart, politically active people. Fortunately, a little bit of DC-style socializing is coming to Portland next week:

Liberty on the Rocks!

Life, liberty – property – and the pursuit of happiness. Meet others who are interested in the same.

Wed., April 29
Horse Brass Pub
4534 SE Belmont St.
Portland, Oregon
5:00 to 7:00 pm

This is a social gathering. No formal program, no speakers, no dues. We’re simply building a social network that began in Denver, and has taken hold in San Francisco, Washington, DC and elsewhere.

I know Kurt, the organizer, and of course the Horse Brass is one of my favorite bars in Portland. If I can get my bar shift covered on Wednesday I will definitely be there, and hopefully I’ll see you there too.


1 thought on “Liberty on the Rocks comes to the Horse Brass”

  1. Jacob,
    You Beltway is showing.
    You’ve been out in the real world long enough to start avoiding the facile apposition of “smart” and “politically active”!

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