Cafe-philo is back in Nashville

Courtesy of Chad Wilcox, cafe-philo is getting started once again in Nashville. The time and place will still be Wednesday nights from 9-11 at the venerable J-J’s Market and Cafe. However, with so many of the old group having graduated and moved on to bigger and better things (or not), gatherings will now be held the first Wednesday of every month instead of the first Wednesday of every week.

The first philo of the year will take place September 1. Email Chad if you want to be added to the listserve. Needless to say, I wish I could be there.

[Chad also referred to this revival in his email as the “New-And-Improved Philo,” but I won’t take it personally!]


1 thought on “Cafe-philo is back in Nashville”

  1. Thanks to those of you who attended! I may not be the permanent custodian, but glad to help get it off the ground at the request of the more diligent fans. Next Cafe-Philo Nashville is October 6!

    Incidentally, for those of who were absent and wonder if you missed anything exciting, I posted on our central topic here so you can decide for yourself.

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