Gainful unemployment

My time of gainful unemployment officially began today at 5:00 pm. Can a guy armed with nothing but a laptop computer and a deck of cards make it in the nation’s capital? We’ll find out…


3 thoughts on “Gainful unemployment”

  1. Darn you got a deck of cards? You’re so lucky! All I have is the laptop. If I had cards as well, who knows how far I could go. Congress? The White House?

  2. James (OTB) was downsized out of a job, and found his current job by putting a notice on his blog that he was looking. Maybe he’d do the same for you (assuming you’re looking).

  3. Thanks prof, but I’m going to take some time now to work on the magic side of things. When I really start looking for gigs I’ll be curious if good review on blogs can bring much in.

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