“But officer, a ball cock really is just a plumbing device!”

New York’s Mayor Bloomberg is threatening to clamp down on sex shops (if you’ll forgive the choice of words) via the 60/40 rule. The law requires that shops operating in residential areas must carry merchandise that is sixty-percent non-pornographic. With that in mind, Court has come to the aid of the shop owners with a list of alternative uses for the items they already have in stock.


  1. Mike says:

    Somehow this reminds me of the woman who was arrested in Texas for selling sex toys. She later got off (if you’ll forgive the choice of words), but still, it makes me wonder what this country is coming to.

  2. Adam Gintis says:

    Wow, your blog needs a work-safe version these days! OK, so I’m not really worried…not until you start including pictures anyway…but the thought of you creating a censored version of your blog just strikes me as pretty funny.

  3. Justin Holmes says:

    Adam, shouldn’t you be working?? hehe

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