Cocktails at Carlyle

Carlyle Bar

I’ve been waiting until things are official to post the good news, but I’m happy to report that my job search here in Portland is finally at an end. I’ve been lucky so far to pick up a couple shifts a week behind the nicely stocked bar at the Carlyle. I got even luckier last week when Neil Kopplin, our talented bar manager, decided to move on to a new job. I’ll be stepping into his shoes starting tomorrow. To go from underemployed cocktail blogger to lead bartender at a place like Carlyle is a fantastic opportunity and I’m excited to start leaving my mark on the place.

I’m inheriting a good cocktail program, so I don’t need to come in and make drastic changes. I’ll be gradually adding new cocktails to the menu over the next few weeks. If you’re in Portland, I hope you’ll drop in sometime to try them out. (If you’re in the industry we’ve got an added bonus for you: 20% off food orders for bartenders, baristas, and servers, happy hour excluded.)

Neil’s new home is behind the bar at Clyde Common with Jeffrey Morgenthaler. Clyde’s already one of my favorite spots in town and I look forward to seeing my two friends there. They’re open later than Carlyle, so I’ll be a frequent visitor for those oh so necessary post-shift drinks.

We’re celebrating Neil’s last shift with House Spirits’ Recession Proof Mixology event. Stop in today from 4-7 for a menu of $5 Aviation gin cocktails and stay even later for what’s sure to be a memorable night.


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  1. i half expect a follow-up “april fools!” post in which you pledge to be unemployed

    but, seriously, congratulations!

  2. Now if he said it was an office job, THEN we’d know it was an April Fool’s joke! =) Congratz!

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