Links for 3/30/09

Obama opens rallies with vetted prayers; a national prayer czar?

Obama’s fascist footsteps

Vid: Your government at work in the financial sector

Markets and liberalism

A visit to Cuba

How to avoid leeches and enjoy networking

Ethiopian government halts coffee exports

Caffeine, the legal performance enhancer

UK attacks “extreme” beer

California proposes ban on black cars

What would Gene Healy say about this?


1 thought on “Links for 3/30/09”

  1. From the “I am a Liberal” article: “Liberals reject the romantic nonsense that demands that each person ‘love’ or ‘care for’ everyone in the same way that that person loves and cares for himself, his family, and his friends.”

    Funny – I call myself a Liberal precisely because I believe in such “romantic nonsense” with every fiber of my being. Whether it’s on the personal level, the community level, or the societal level “Love thy neighbor [meaning everyone] as thyself” is the principal around which I strive to pattern my life…and around which I believe everyone should pattern theirs (even if it’s not my place to force them to). My definition of Liberalism is using government to that end.

    Funny, because I would probably agree with what most of that guy is saying.

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