On candid camera

Yesterday I spent a few miles driving alongside this truck:

Camera truck

That’s a camera array on top. From what I can tell, it belongs to a company hired by Microsoft to obtain photographs to go along with its mapping software (like Google Street View). Maybe I’ll end up on their site soon.

This may be unrelated, but it sounds like they have some interesting things planned for a program called Geosynth:

The service will take the images and metadata from geotagged imagery supplied by the public to a special database and form them into Streetview-like world view application. Microsoft Virtual Earth expert Johannes Kebeck explained that the system will apparently be moderated somehow, so the “system would take the best images from a location to create a single image of a specific landmark,” when talking to PocketLint.co.uk. If the scheme takes off and generates enough crowd-sourced images, it’ll eventually be possible to view pretty much anywhere on the planet.

Incidentally, there are worse ways to be spotted in an online mapping program than in a Pontiac Aztek.