Six months in the making

He registered way back in February, but the wait is finally over: Chad Wilcox has started a weblog. Of all my friends from Vanderbilt, he more than anyone could use one. He’s a very thoughtful guy with a keen mind for dissecting strategy, whether in politics, Ladder Theory, or how a group arranges itself in a coffee shop. He asks good questions and carried many a good J-J’s/cafe-philo conversation back in the day. The php code he added to the MT template is pretty nice, too. Check out Quiet Declarations.


1 thought on “Six months in the making”

  1. Hooray for Chad. Hmmm, now that I work in admissions and will be travelling to several places, I probably should have a blog. It’s sad when my first thought in relation to that is I wouldn’t have time to do one. heh.

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