ďSo when are you going to make real blog entries again?Ē

Thatís the question a blogging friend asked me a few weeks ago. This site has never exactly been the place for hard-hitting political commentary, but thereís no denying itís been slow lately. No op-ed columns, no Hemingway Star stories, not even any particularly insightful weblog entries. The Queso Crusader gave away a GMail account and thatís about the most exciting thing thatís come up. Yet surprisingly, traffic to the front page of the weblog has continued to increase.

The dearth of posts is due in large part to how busy Iíve been. It was barely two months ago that I moved into the new place and Iíve spent a month of that time on the road. Itís also due to indecision about what I wanted to do post-graduation. Friends from Vanderbilt noticed that my ambitions rarely extended beyond finding new ways to throw and catch an Aerobie across Alumni Lawn. A worthy goal, but not one that could last forever!

Now, my friends, that period of indecision is over. I have officially decided not to pursue any kind of full-time employment, within the libertarian movement or otherwise. For the foreseeable future, I am pursuing life as a freelance writer and close-up magician. Itís the only choice that feels right at this point and Iím feeling on path again for the first time in nearly a year.

The obvious response to that is, ďHow are you going to make that pay?Ē If I had a dollar for every time I heard that question, well, I wouldnít have a problem answering that question. Itís true, the disadvantage of this course of action is that there is no guaranteed income, especially in the beginning. While Iím confident that this wonít be a long-term problem, in the short-term I will likely be doing a few other things like refereeing soccer games or working in a coffee shop.

So in the months to come, you can expect several things from this website:

1) More content, especially in the humor department. That seems to be where my comparative advantage lies in terms of what brings links and traffic here and I like writing it. There will be some serious material, too.

2) Announcements of magic gigs. Iíve come back into this performing art with a vengeance, working on some great new material, reworking and relearning some old effects Iíd long forgotten, and putting much more emphasis on scripting than I did in the past. Iíll probably start out with strolling magic at restaurants and cocktail parties (the area where I have the most experience) and then add on a parlor/coffee shop size act and perhaps street performance.

3) Several other projects that are currently in their very early stages. I donít want to say anything about them yet, but when and if they come through Iíll reveal them here.

In the meantime, I still have another week on the job at IHS, which Iíve enjoyed. After that Iíll be back in Houston for a while for the annual Texas Association of Magicians convention and to devote time to working on various magic-related things. The trip will include at least one stop in Nashville, so I look forward to seeing friends in both cities.

If youíve read this far, thanks for sticking with the long personal update.


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  1. Jacob, Glad you seem happy. I’m very intrigued by number 3. You’ve inspired me to work on my blog more. I’ll ready your blog if you read mine! ūüėČ

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